Crass/Poison Girls tour. Zounds not mentioned in listings.

Source: Record Mirror 18 October 1980 [above]
City Fun magazine October 1980 [left]
Source: Record Mirror 01 November 1980
  "This was the first time i had seen crass,totally blew my head off,was a quid to get in,line up was first up Annie Anxiety who was subjected to a whole load of moronic abuse and left the stage in tears,next on were Zounds,next were the Poison Girls then finally Crass.when they came on the whole place seem to erupt into full on violence instigated by nazi skins who had a habit of turning up at crass gigs to start trouble. was well impressed by the banks of televisions all showing different films to go along with the music,was also given a lot of free flyers and newspapers that crass/poison girls had made themselves.a multimedia event well before the term was ever used. punk started to mean something very different to me from then on,something that had a very positive effect on me and to some extent still does."
Comment from "johng" on Manchester Digital Music Archive