"This is taken I think from Zounds first cassette – possibly called Angels Over Wood Green – and was mixed using several cassette recorders at the same time."
[NickG on July 22, 2010]

Freak Out 1 (Side A)

0-13 secs: Amusing aside by the band during rehearsal session in Warneford Road, Oxford, c1977-8.

[A2-A4 Real Music]
13-6.50. Deeply Vale free festival, 1977 or 78. We turned up late and just kept waiting for a space to play, which eventually came around 2 in the morning. With no drummer because Jimmy Lacey could not make it and was looking like leaving the band. But Judge [James Loudon] who was Randon Pulse Lights main man, said he would play. There are probably no pictures of this band since all Zounds pre-punk output was subject to a Stalinist purge. Line-up – Steve Lake on Bass, vox, Lawrence Wood on Guitar, Nick Godwin (me) Guitar, drums: Judge.

6.50-7.25. Bonkers “Real Music” jam in Wood Green at 2 Cornwall Avenue, my nan’s house. Line-up as above but Jimmy on drums.

7.25-8.58. Back to Deeply Vale tape – jamming.

8.58-13.59. Back to Real Music jam. This is with Jimmy Lacey playing his homemade drums. “The happy sound of radio one”.

13.59-15.00. Experimental recording done by me with Steve in my nan’s front room, Wood Green, on a 2-track reel to reel recorder. I put silver foil over the erase head and we just recorded over the tape 3 times. DIY music-concrete.

15.00-17.42. Aklam Hall, Portobello Rd, 1978. Lawrence had problems getting his guitar together, so we started jamming. Steve’s electric.

17.42-20.24. Back to experiment central in Wood Green.

Freak Out 2 (Side B)

[B1 Holland Park > Bats]
0-7.30. Holland Park > Bats from Deeply Vale festival tape.

7.30-8.51. Comments at rehearsal after being told we had to stop the noise.

8.51-13.15. More weird experimental shit, yeah! Just remembered we changed the speed during some of the takes. Lots of dope and Can records will do this to a person.

[B4 Angels]
13.15-19.10. Angels. Sounds like Pink Fairies! Sounds like we had fun.

[B5 I Made It Happen]
19.10-20.35. I Made It Happen. Aklam Hall.

20.35-end. Jam with Jimmy Lacey drums, Lawrence Wood Guitar, Nick Godwin reverb guitar.

"These were the best recordings we had at the time."

  Source: Kill Your Pet Puppy website comment [Nick Godwin 22/10/2010]