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Discography - Part Two - Fuck Off & others

Covering Street Level / Fuck Off Reckords releases and various oddities for the period 1979 - 1982. A beautiful head fuck trying to work out Fuck Off Reckords releases.
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Updated: 27-December-2018
1979 Cass     Angels Over Wood Green
1980 Cass Fuck Off FO 005 Really Weird
1980 Cass Fuck Off FO 006 Weird Tales
1981 Cass Fuck Off FO 007 Music For Pressure
1981 Cass     Rock Against The Bomb Live
1981 Cass   BERT 001 A Tribute To Bert Weedon
1982 Cass Fuck Off FO 008 Folk In Hell
1982 Cass Monitor Music MM 7 Oxides Addicts - Pets For Cassettes


Angels Over Wood Green (aka Free Freak Out)

Steve Lake - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Nick Godwin - Guitar, Tapes
Laurence Wood - Guitar
Jimmy Lacey - Drums
Judge - Drums

Various home and live recordings from 1977 and 1978.
Possibly sold at gigs / handed out by the band but never officially released. Nick Godwin's comments on KYPP give a full description and vague tracklisting.

This tape was made generally available in lossless FLAC format by PJ Peanutz from the collection of Ted Chippington. Also available in compressed mp3 format via the Kill Your Pet Puppy website. Best avoided is a version compressed even further that exists as Free Freakout (Remastered).


Full tape detail here

Really Weird
Fuck Off Reckords
FO 005

Side 1
The Astronauts - That's Where I'll Be
The Astronauts - The Night
                    (Baby Sings Folk Songs Part 3)
The Astronauts - Midsummer Lullaby
Danny & The Dressmakers - Song Chocolate
Zounds - I Made It Happen
Zounds - Holland Park
Bob Green - The Last Great Rolling Stones
                                      Lick In The Sky
Daevid Allen & Friends - Zero
Side 2
The Mob - Crying Again
The Mob - Frustration
The Mob - Never Really Cared
The Mob - Youth
Cardiac Arrest - A Bus For A Bus On The Bus
Horrible Nerds - Pope Paul Is Dead
Androids Of Mu - Every Time I Hear The Spirit
Androids Of Mu - Pretty Nun
Androids Of Mu - Ride Me, Easy Rider
Blank Space - You Can Try
Blank Space - Rest On Still Water
Danny & The Dressmakers -
           Edward Exposes Her Mammary Glands
Danny & The Dressmakers -
            TV Overdose On The Dole

"...the second F.O. compilation tape..."
I Made It Happen recorded at Bristol Gardens
Holland Park live at Severn Vale Festival 1979

Weird Tales
Fuck Off Reckords
FO 006

Nick Name (Godwin) - Vocals, Guitar
Steve Public - Bass
Judge - Drums
Laurie Wood - Guitar, Vocals, Haircut
Shanks - Congas
Igor Botticelli - Guest Vocals
Pete Odd - Synthi
Steve Lake - Songs & Inspiration

Recorded live on the first Weird Tales tour 18-28 September 1979.
Presumably recorded & produced by Grant, Kif Kif & Corrina.

Side 1
Zounds - Jam
Zounds - Government Boys
Zounds - Angels
Zounds - Money
Zounds - I Made It Happen

The Mob - Violence
The Mob - Wots Going On
The Mob - No Time
Androids Of Mu - Fire
Androids Of Mu - Child Of Light
Androids Of Mu - Reggae
Side 2
The Mob - Crying Again
The Mob - When The Mirror Breaks
Androids Of Mu - Atomic Explosion
Androids Of Mu - Animal Angel
Androids Of Mu - Seven Cities
Zounds - Sometime Later Jam
Restricted Hours - Amplified World
Restricted Hours - Car Crash

This may have been Stolen & Erased along with the original Bert Weedon master tape, which would explain why I have only this crappy cover pic (lifted from Discogs) and that tragically I've never heard it. So please if you have a copy... make an old man happy...

Full tape detail here

Music For Pressure
Fuck Off
FO 007

(Mostly) Recorded at Street Level Studios 1979/80.
Presumably recorded & produced by Grant, Kif Kif & Corrina.

Side 1

Dick Heley - Aladdin's Lamp Road
Here And Now - Round & Round
Axolotl - Everybody Get Some But Me
Real Insects - Warrior Queen
Real Imitators - Make Up Your Mind
José Gross - Don't Hang On To Your Shadows
The 012 - Use It Up & Wear It Out
Blue Midnight - The Riff
Androids Of Mu - Seven Cities
The Entire Cosmos - Vampire Feast
Ultimate Parrots - Mutated Alarmist

Side 2

Zounds - I Just Wanna Be Loved
The Astronauts - Fatique
Vince Pie & The Crumbs - Jet Set
The Voletones - Luxury Living
The Mob - Shuffling Souls
Steffy Sharpstrings - Violent Maze
The Instant Automatons - Emma
Black Magic ? - Do The Possesed
Evron & Adrian - Dubdub Dub
The Murphy Federation - Smile
Colin Potter - Musik For Sheds
Unknown Artist - Untitled

"...the first F.O. compilation to feature recordings done on the Street Level 8 track..."

Rock Against The Bomb Live

Recorded live at Huddersfield Polytechnic, May 1981.

Side 1
The Astronauts - Dance In The Yard
The Astronauts - Everything Stops For Baby
The Astronauts - Moderation Is Boring
The Astronauts - We Were Talking
The Astronauts - Survivors
The Astronauts - Young Man's World
Instant Automatons - The World Keeps
Instant Automatons - Invertebrates
Instant Automatons - Monotony
Instant Automatons - Baby Burn Your Clothes
Murphy Federation - Rubbish
Murphy Federation - Madras Boy

Side 2
Nice People - Indian Song
Nice People - Instrumental
Nice People - The Great Rum Riff
Nice People - Macbeth
Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma
Zounds - Fear
Zounds - Did He Jump >
Zounds - My Mummy's Gone
Zounds - Target > Mr. Disney >
Zounds - War
Zounds - Subvert
Zounds - Demystification
Zounds - Great White Hunter

Released by 'Steve and Alison' as a benefit for Retford CND, Nottinghamshire.
Thanks to '...Deleted Records and Fuck Off Records for help and inspiration'.

A Tribute To Bert Weedon
BERT 001

Side 1
Zounds - Angels
Zounds - Ugly Vomit
Zounds - Wolves
Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma
Zounds - Holland Park > Bats
Zounds - Forgery
Zounds - Hands To Time
Zounds - I Made It Happen
The Mob - When The Mirror Breaks
The Mob - What's Going On
The Mob - Violence

Side 2
The Mob - No Time
The Mob - Clown
The Mob - Youth
The Mob - Crying Again
Androids Of Mu - Who Cares?
Androids Of Mu - Atomic Explosion
Androids Of Mu - White City
Androids Of Mu - Seven Cities
Androids Of Mu - Bored Housewives
Androids Of Mu - Android Jam

Probably planned as a late 1980 Fuck Off release, but with the success of the Crass release and approaches to Rough Trade, Steve and Laurence managed get hold of the original master tape in November 1980 and erase / destroy it sometime later. This release is from a 'new' master that is "a little rough".

Folk In Hell
Fuck Off Reckords
FO 008

Steve Lake - Vocals, Keyboard

Maybe released late '81.

Side 1
A Pencil - Advertiser
Instant Automatons - Gillian
No Comment - Think
The Mob - Slayed
The Astronauts - Behave
Androids Of Mu - Cityscape
Steve Lake - Dancin' (Version)
Eduardo Brylcreme - My Gal
Murphy Federation - Green Apples

Side 2
Mark Perry - Take It Easy
Sir Alias - A Is For Artist
Tasmin Smythe - Beat
Working Men - Owd Yowe
Here & Now - Nudge Up Double Deluxe
Mic Woods - Dreaming
Blue Midnight - Infidelity
Impossible Dreamers - I Woke Up